About Us

NotSoldintheSupermarket.com is run by a small and passionate team of foodies who have scoured the land to find the very best independent brands who make the most amazing products. Not Sold in the Supermarket is a marketplace that champions the unique, the different and the special.

Be warned: your day is about to get a whole lot tastier!

What makes shopping with us so great?  

Our marketplace is filled with the most amazing independent brands that we have discovered. We've done the hard part, searching far and wide accepting nothing short of spectacular.

We free UK delivery on all our products, meaning you can shop without having to worry about any sneaky hidden costs.

You can even return your order if (for some unfathomable reason!) you're not over the moon with it. No fuss, no hassle and no quibble. 

When you buy from Not Sold in the Supermarket you are helping to level the playing field for independent brands.

At Not Sold in the Supermarket we work in partnership with our brands, we have no contractual tie-ins and we make no demands on pricing or promotions. Bringing you unique boutique products to your door as the brands want to them to be.


From all of us, thank you!

Not Sold in the Supermarket HQ