Twisteed Shots, The 2 Footer, Flavored 12 Shots!

Twisteed Shots 2 Footer makes the party affordable, hassle-free and ready to share. Each shot is already perfectly mixed and tastes great.

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Twisteed Shots are pre-made shots of your favourite (and possibly hard-to-make!) drinks. The twist, Instead of mixing both alcohols together in the cup, Twisteed Shots include a small curved divider that keeps the two alcohol mixtures apart until you're ready to drink it. Once you're ready to drink it, both of the mixtures can be mixed in your mouth for that delicious taste that you've grown to know and love.

Each shot is already perfectly mixed and tastes great. With alcohol and flavours separated into two sides, the product mixes in the mouth. No fuss, no mess.Twisteed Shots are available in a 2 Foot pack (12 shots) containing these four amazing flavors: 3 x Strawberry & Vanilla Cream - A luxurious silky combination of flavours that perfectly compliment one another. 3 x Caramel & Cream - Called a 'Cowboy'. A rich warm creamy shot, a taste of decadence. 3 x Tequila & Lime - Called 'Ole Pedro'. A sharp shot of flavour that stimulates the taste buds. 3 x Raspberry & Blueberry - The 'RnB'. A popular dark berry combo of flavours. Individually packaged in plastic shot glasses. Package contains 1 x 12 x 25ml, 4 flavors.
Additional Information
Alcohol Content 15%